While many of us in the United States have a holiday in honor of Presidents’ Day today, many in Canada have the day off in celebration of something quite different: family day. I love the idea of a day set apart for the importance of family, in all of the forms it may come.


Below are some old photographs of my family.  I have done posts previously on collage walls of family photos and memorabilia which are, in my opinion, some of the most special places in a home. Giving myself (and clients) the opportunity to reflect on happy memories by taking photographs off our devices and onto our walls is a task I treasure.


Here are three old favorites that capture the happiness of family, all of which are on my wall.


My sisters and I in a moment of windy beachside bliss



Taking a break while on a hike with close family friends



My father and his siblings in the family car


I like this quotation, whose author remains anonymous, about family:  “Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”  Happy Family Day.




Gaby’s House

When I am in people’s homes I am usually on the job. But then there are the homes of my friends where good company and relaxation are in order. My friend Gaby, an artist, a teacher, a true creative and my dear friend has a home that speaks of perfectly curated art and a bold yet simple aesthetic. The last time I was visiting, I took some snapshots of a few of my favorite views and collections.


Thank you Gaby for the home away from home, the nourishing and delicious meals and your lasting friendship.








The colors, plants, books, art, accessories – they all speak of beauty that is both a comfort and an inspiration.




We’re thick into that time of year where going out requires bundling and layers in order to shield oneself from the elements. But what to do with all of those coats, hats, boots and scarves when we have successfully unbundled?  Sure, there are are the old standbys of a hall closet or simple coat hooks. Personally, I’m a fan of the hall tree.  It houses a variety of items: boots on the bottom, coats and bags in the middle and hats and boxes on the top.  It also provides a perfect spot to plop oneself down and put said boots on.  They can also be attractive pieces of furniture in their own right.


Here are a few favorites:




This handsome hardwood option would be a beautiful entryway addition




This metal and wood piece takes a more minimalist approach




This DIY industrial-inspired piece uses pipe and reclaimed wood



Here is a hall tree I had custom-built for a client to fit just right in the allotted space!



An attractive and practical hall tree can keep things looking neat and tidy on the inside while the weather does its thing on the outside.










Happy New Year!  During the dreary days of January when the holiday decorations are down and the days are short, dark and cold, I find it an ideal time to spruce up our walls with their own “flecks of light” as the great painter Seurat put it.


The vast selection of original artwork available on the wonderful World Wide Web is truly amazing! I have purchased works from artists in Australia, China, Japan, Georgia (the country), Germany and my homeland, Canada.  This global list only continues to grow.


With excellent sites at the consumers’ disposal, buying and owning original art has never been more accessible.  SaatchiArtFinder and Etsy are three of my favorite online curators.


Below is the art I selected for a client. I wanted just a touch of turquoise and an oil painting. Those were my only stipulations.





She loved it. I purchased it. We waited for the art to arrive.





Framed and hung, it one of my favorite pieces.





Once again, beautiful art steps in to tie it all together.