Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, also known as Native American Day. According to Wikipedia, “It began as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day, promoting Native American culture and commemorating the history of Native American peoples.” I could not be more supportive of its mission. This excellent piece on NPR gives a bit more context.


I bought the address book in the photograph below at the National Art Gallery of Canada in 1993.  We were in the gift shop after a powerful day viewing art and I was so moved by the images. I kept from saying anything until we were in the van ready to head home. I told my art teacher about it and how beautiful the pictures were. She told me to run in and buy it. I then admitted that I actually did not have any money and she graciously lent me the money. I have never forgotten that kindness.


While address books are not exactly an essential anymore, I cherish this for its gorgeous and vivid photographs of First Nations people. It captivated my teenaged-girl imagination and emboldened me to follow their example of great respect for our earth.




My address book











On this day, why not consider replacing the somewhat obtuse, “Happy Columbus Day” with the more vital “Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”  For those of you in Canada, why not add it to today’s Thanksgiving traditions?






We are just passing the height of the season for fresh local fruits and vegetables, at least here in the northeast. Cherries and peaches are still lingering in the markets and apples are just beginning to arrive. One of the things I love the most about fresh produce is that in addition to being delicious to eat, it also doubles as a perfect pop of color in the kitchen.


Too often these natural beauties are hidden away in an ugly bowl or in the back of the fridge.  Problem solved!  Below are some stylish options for hanging your goods. Seeing fruit attractively displayed is a guaranteed mood booster.  Additionally, it also helps it to ripen properly and provides us a visual reminder to use it before it passes its prime.




stoneware 3 tiered hanging basket

This 3-tier stoneware basket is nearly as bright and fresh as its contents




porcelain and leather

Leather and porcelain combine here to form a delicate 2-tiered vessel




DIY hanging jute

For the DIY-inclined this jute and leather number is just the ticket


Stop by a farmer’s market soon and pick up some fresh fruit during its all-too-brief season. By all means show it off once you bring it home!






While it may seem that there is now a national day for just about everything (because, let’s face it, there is) today is one such day that I will celebrate with joy. It is National Ampersand Day! September 8 was purposely chosen as the date to bear this honor owing to the fact that several of the characters in “September 8″ can actually be spelled using  ampersands. More about that and the history of this quirky little character here.


This day, however, is not merely reserved for graphic design geeks. My personal love for the ampersand continues.  The shape and the concept speak of beauty and possibility. How wonderful that the humble former last letter of the alphabet can embody such grand things!  Below are some ideas for how to bring the ampersand into your home.



premium wood ampersand

Loving this elegant wood ampersand


paperweight ampersandAmpersand as a functional and attractive paperweight



gold ampersand objet d'art

This sophisticated gold objet would be a stylish addition to any room






Woodcuts (designs chiseled into wood) and linocuts (designs chiseled into linoleum) are two of my favorite forms of visual art. The prints are created by inking the chiseled designs and then pressing paper into them. The rich texture and detail that is revealed is truly marvelous.


Laura Murdoch, an artist based out of Philadelphia, does brilliant work in this medium. She describes herself as inspired both by nature and the dynamic city in which she lives. Her work is exceptionally affordable and would provide the makings for striking stand alone framed art or a vibrant gallery wall. Below are some of my favorites.




A woodcut print capturing a tender penguin scene




 The detail in this linocut of an adorable goat is exceptional



gold tree

I see this handsome gold tree bringing warmth to any wall or ledge



owl greeting card

 Owl greeting cards that will bring wisdom to their recipients




A framed puffin print from my own art collection (no longer available on Laura’s site)



As has been the case with many of my favorite artists, I found Laura through Etsy.  If you live in the Philly area, however, she does offer the opportunity to visit her in studio.