Contrary to what it may look like out your window today, it really is the first day of spring.  In truth, it felt decidedly spring-like for most of the “winter” season.  The fact that winter chose to wake us up and then give us one last gasp was almost inevitable.  No matter.  Here is some artwork to put us in the mood and celebrate the vernal equinox.



Although year-round staples here in Philly, spotting a Robin was a sure sign that Spring had arrived growing up in Canada.




This minimalist drawing of lily of the valley beautifully captures one of the earliest offerings of the forest floor.





I love the hopeful bright greens popping out amidst the muddy terrain in this aptly named
“Misty Spring Forest” oil painting


If there is still snow on the ground in your neck of the woods, or if the temperatures hardly inspire a walk in the woods, fret not!  Soon enough the signs of spring will show themselves.




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