I love the work of the painter Ross Jones. Hailing from beautiful New Zealand, his work has been featured in galleries worldwide as well as publications such as the Wall St. Journal and Time Inc.  “My paintings are all about telling stories. They are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events. But like all good stories, not everything is as it seems,” says Jones of his work.  I am particularly enchanted by his use of vibrant colors and the way he takes a snapshot of a seemingly everyday moment and creates a piece that has both charm and depth.


Ross took a photo of a piece he was working on for a client of mine.



 It’s neat to see the painting in process in his studio.



Here is the piece finished, framed and hung in a client’s sunroom.



Here is another of his works framed and hung.
The blooming lilac: with vibrant colors and brilliant composition.



I cannot say enough:  great art makes life better!





Woodcuts (designs chiseled into wood) and linocuts (designs chiseled into linoleum) are two of my favorite forms of visual art. The prints are created by inking the chiseled designs and then pressing paper into them. The rich texture and detail that is revealed is truly marvelous.


Laura Murdoch, an artist based out of Philadelphia, does brilliant work in this medium. She describes herself as inspired both by nature and the dynamic city in which she lives. Her work is exceptionally affordable and would provide the makings for striking stand alone framed art or a vibrant gallery wall. Below are some of my favorites.




A woodcut print capturing a tender penguin scene




 The detail in this linocut of an adorable goat is exceptional



gold tree

I see this handsome gold tree bringing warmth to any wall or ledge



owl greeting card

 Owl greeting cards that will bring wisdom to their recipients




A framed puffin print from my own art collection (no longer available on Laura’s site)



As has been the case with many of my favorite artists, I found Laura through Etsy.  If you live in the Philly area, however, she does offer the opportunity to visit her in studio.



A client found out about Chris Maynard many years back. She saved the information and when it came time to look for a piece above the bed in the master bedroom, she pulled out his info. (A good reminder about saving things you love for the right time!) It couldn’t have been easier to work with Chris on this custom piece. Who knew that carving feathers into works of art was even possible? What he does is incredible! Clearly grounded in a deep love for the natural world, his work is beautiful to behold. Here is the piece commissioned for my client and also a few other samples of his work.




size matters when your wall space is restricted by windows and headboard





a close up showing the remarkable detail of the work






could I love this anymore?



feather folio2

 simply stunning


I’m in awe at the intricacy of his work and grateful for every moment he bends over his knife and feathers to create such beauty.





If you haven’t already been introduced to paper-cut artist Rob Ryan, you are in for a big treat! I stumbled across Ryan’s etsy shop several years ago. Through his detailed paper-cut art, Ryan creates the most captivating worlds and stories. Often featuring small or vulnerable characters (birds & eggs, children, young lovers), he weaves modern fairy-tales that are filled with longing, beauty, sorrow, fear, and joy. Whether dark or playful, these beautifully realized stories never fail to engage me, and have an amazing ability to connect on both a narrative and visual level.



clockwise from top left: can we shall we lastercut; when we learn something new tile; other planets screenprint; why are you so naughty? tile; all we can do is live screenprint.


misterrob, as he’s known on etsy was one of my first etsy “favorites”. In early 2012, sometime after I became obsessed with his work, I randomly received an email from Mel, with a link to a gorgeous needlepoint wall tapestry from The Rug Company (below), “Came across this today and I thought it was so beautiful […]. I wish it was a post card instead of a $1600 wall hanging. Anyway – I think it is lovely and significant and I thought you might feel the same.




Of course, I did feel the same! Though I wasn’t able to find this particular piece available as a postcard, it was one of the pages in the calendar that I bought Mel for Christmas later that year. This past Christmas Mel gave me a copy of his beautiful book, A Sky Full of Kindness. I am not embarrassed to say that I read it on Christmas day, and there were tears :) In addition to laser-cuts and screenprints, his artwork is available on everything from bags to cushions to washi tape, and – my personal favourite – ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, as I don’t think this tapestry is in the cards for me, I am saving up for a limited edition screenprint. Someday…


p.s. The Rob Ryan feature on the Etsy blog is definitely worth a look, along with the short film!