Last week I was in Old City pounding the pavement to different furniture stores, a rug for one client, bar stools for another. Sometimes you just need to feel a rug and sit in a chair!


On 3rd street, I walked by a storefront and did an immediate turn around. Upon entering, I couldn’t have been any happier for I found myself in a clay studio – oh joy! I love pottery and this was a pottery store with the peaceful beauty of a museum. The pottery was of the highest quality – beautiful pieces both functional and for display.



The Clay Studio is most definitely worth a visit next time you are in Old City.

Hours are 11 – 6 Tuesday through Saturday, and 12-6 on Sunday.


And if you want to see the pottery but aren’t in town, yeah for online shopping! Time for some pottery browsing!




Whenever I’m at a clients in the Chestnut Hill area, I make time to stop by Curio. It’s a favorite. Every view from every angle is perfectly appointed. It’s balm to my nerves to step inside and be surrounded by the beautiful old things that have been arranged with almost museum like care. Even if you don’t think you’re a lover of old things – you could be surprised. The collection at Curio is so well selected that there is something for everyone. Gorgeous art. Wonderful side tables. Lovely accessories. I never leave without at least one treasure to bring home or to a client.




For a small space, the variety is incredible. They have textiles and quilts that would make any bed ready for a photo shoot, or a nap. They offer custom made side tables from reclaimed wood. It’s a shop of wonder and delight.




BEST OF PHILLY: {me}longings

I met Chanee Vijay of {me}longings studio at a craft fair and was super impressed with her work. She makes the most beautiful pillowcases using organic materials, and prints all her textiles by hand. The colors couldn’t be more perfect with metallic gold, silver and copper – and the geometric prints are both fun and classic. The colors and designs are very adaptable and in the (often long) search for the right throw pillows, Chanee’s pillows might be that perfect touch. You can find these lovely goods in her Etsy shop.



melongings on etsy