My friend’s house has some spectacular plants that I wanted to share.  I worked on this house a while back and love hearing about the state of the succulents. (Be forewarned if you are a newbie to succulents: some thrive and some just die with seemingly no rhyme or reason).  For most clients I stick with the tried and true no-kill plants, but these friends take their succulent care very seriously.


A room never feels finished without at least one plant. They aren’t only beautiful, they also help us breathe easier and purify the air:  a fantastic win-win!


When there isn’t enough light or the schedule of the home owner really doesn’t allow for plant care, there are always other ways to bring in an organic feel with alternative foliage. As shown in the last photo, delicate paper “greens” on the mantel  frame the Seurat print that I put in a fun purple mat.



dining room succulent

A collection of succulents as a dining room table centerpiece



living room succulent bowl

A metal bowl provides an attractive container for these little cuties.



money tree

This low-maintenance money tree is said to bring good luck



seurat and paper flowers

Paper flowers beautifully compliment this masterwork


Plants are the most perfect of all accessories!






I was at my friend Sary’s beautiful home furnishings shop in Passyunk and found these paper flowers.




This was very exciting because a few months earlier I had a miserable experience trying to make these myself. I had bought a kit at the craft store to make paper flowers for my nieces. On the box it said; “Easy” in big, happy letters. It was anything but! After hours of twisting and holding and cutting and wrapping I had very sad looking flowers with petals falling out and very sore fingers. Thank goodness for other people’s patience and skill.



white paper vellum flowers



paper flowers from vintage books 


Paper flowers are a fun, cheerful way to brighten a space. It’s nice to have flowers on your desk or table but maybe there isn’t any sunlight – paper flowers to the rescue!








Succulents are the best!


They are green and plump, green and spiky. They are shaped like flower buds and shaped like miniature trees. They are green no matter what shape or size. The variety means there is a perfect succulent for everyone. And, wait for it….  they are easy to care for. Blow the trumpets. It’s a wonderful thing!






Things to remember:
– Purple and orange succulents do better outside, so when selecting yours for inside – think green.
– Succulents are natural desert plants so try to mimic desert environment – as much natural light as you can give them and only a little water after soil is dried out completely



And if the natural light and the sparse watering is too much trouble (I get it!) then go with faux! Seek out the imitation succulents at good garden stores and no one, will be the wiser.  In fact, I bet at some point, somebody in your life will try to water your perfectly green happy (fake) succulent.



cute & happy fake succulents!






Many clients often wonder what should go on their dining room tables. Centerpieces can be difficult. When there is a party or special occasion, it’s easy, fresh flowers. But that doesn’t help with all the other days, special in the fact that they exist, with or without parties.


A table without a centerpiece is like a chair without a pillow, a little sad and lonely. First think about size and shape, then your chandelier and then color. It doesn’t have to be in that exact order, just be sure to think about each of those things. I like centerpieces to be wide and low, deep and wide. I don’t like when it looks like the centerpiece and the chandelier are competing for the same space.  Here are three examples from recent jobs.


1.  Moss balls on an antique mirror tray are warm and modern.





2.  If you find a good low planter you can take it to your local flower store. Pick out dried flowers you love and ask them to arrange it for you.




3.  Preserved flowers. These colors are bright and bold and make a great statement.