I often wonder why I don’t remember most of what I learned in high school. And yet, I remember with clarity, the intensity and frequency of conversations I had with my friend Robin over the modern mystery of the ancient pyramids. Unless there has been a major breakthrough that I have missed, my understanding is that we still do not know exactly how the pyramids were built. Robin and I were shocked when we learned this.


Now, many years post-high school, life has thrown us greater mysteries.  Still, I will think about our impassioned dialogues regarding the fact that modern science hasn’t yet cracked the secret of the pyramids. In honor of high school friends and the mysteries of life, here are some pyramid-inspired home accessories.



There is a touch of ancient Egypt in the base of this sharp-looking lamp




The striped marble and wood make a handsome combo in this bookend.




Sleek and modern, I love the inverted pyramid in this table





This 9 piece brain teaser pyramid game is meant for one person.  I’m in!




A pyramid terrarium – perfect!



While their origins may remain elusive, their shape will continue to inspire us for centuries to come.













We’re thick into that time of year where going out requires bundling and layers in order to shield oneself from the elements. But what to do with all of those coats, hats, boots and scarves when we have successfully unbundled?  Sure, there are are the old standbys of a hall closet or simple coat hooks. Personally, I’m a fan of the hall tree.  It houses a variety of items: boots on the bottom, coats and bags in the middle and hats and boxes on the top.  It also provides a perfect spot to plop oneself down and put said boots on.  They can also be attractive pieces of furniture in their own right.


Here are a few favorites:




This handsome hardwood option would be a beautiful entryway addition




This metal and wood piece takes a more minimalist approach




This DIY industrial-inspired piece uses pipe and reclaimed wood



Here is a hall tree I had custom-built for a client to fit just right in the allotted space!



An attractive and practical hall tree can keep things looking neat and tidy on the inside while the weather does its thing on the outside.









We are just passing the height of the season for fresh local fruits and vegetables, at least here in the northeast. Cherries and peaches are still lingering in the markets and apples are just beginning to arrive. One of the things I love the most about fresh produce is that in addition to being delicious to eat, it also doubles as a perfect pop of color in the kitchen.


Too often these natural beauties are hidden away in an ugly bowl or in the back of the fridge.  Problem solved!  Below are some stylish options for hanging your goods. Seeing fruit attractively displayed is a guaranteed mood booster.  Additionally, it also helps it to ripen properly and provides us a visual reminder to use it before it passes its prime.




stoneware 3 tiered hanging basket

This 3-tier stoneware basket is nearly as bright and fresh as its contents




porcelain and leather

Leather and porcelain combine here to form a delicate 2-tiered vessel




DIY hanging jute

For the DIY-inclined this jute and leather number is just the ticket


Stop by a farmer’s market soon and pick up some fresh fruit during its all-too-brief season. By all means show it off once you bring it home!





As promised, here is a follow-up post to my recent feature on fire pits. Matches rank rather high on the list of mundane (although necessary) household items. At-a-glance they may seem unworthy of a featured spot on a display shelf. Packaged in the right container, however, and they become something altogether different.



jonathan adler elephant match striker

I love this charming elephant match striker




Here is an elegant brass container



Best Made Co Sliding Match Safe

A sliding match safe whose brass knob doubles as scratcher



long burning matches

And, of course, matches


Matches have met, dare I say it, their match!