It has always amazed me how close you can be to something wonderful and not realize it. Take, for instance, that little gem of a bakery that is on the other side of the street than the side you walk down daily, or the park that you drive by on your way home but is out of view from the road.


I’ve been driving by a place named Bryn Athyn in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania for years now. Always rushing to a client or back to the office, taking the time to stop never seemed like an option. The other day I stopped. Oh my – what a treat! The overcast day only added mystery to the beauty surrounding me. Here are three of my favorite photos from what turned out to be a very special place.












I usually ignore Valentine’s day. A boyfriend in college was very influential in this life decision. He scorned the very idea of a day set aside for love, much less one that emphasized buying cards and flowers and chocolates. Myself, I love cards and flowers and chocolates so it was a bit of a blow, but I came around quickly to his point of view, and admittedly, it’s stuck with me.


Cards, flowers, and chocolates aside, there is certainly nothing wrong with sending a little love out to all of you through cyberspace! May you feel love today and everyday, just as I hope you enjoy flowers and chocolates today and everyday!


I choose love “I choose love” – perfect mantra for this crazy world.



Amen Indeed.




Peace & Love.


Here is my future Christmas tree – small and bright, soft and fragrant, unadorned and as beautiful as could be.




In whatever way is meaningful to you, may your heart have some small measure of rejoicing. Be it your loving family or your loving pets, the laughter of your children or friends. Be it the wave and smile of your neighbor across the street or the starry sky up above. May your heart, in your corner of the world, weary or not, rejoice.


weary world




IMG_0171mushroom coming in for landing



This photo is from the vast green lawn of Coolclogher House, where I stayed in Ireland in October. I love mushrooms and loved how this one looked like a little space ship coming down to earth. The little brown mushroom made me smile every time I saw it. How good it is that little things bring big joy. I wanted to spread more mushroom happiness with all the weird and wonderful and healthy mushrooms out there to be enjoyed!



mushroom chart

 a fun and educational vintage mushroom chart 
mushroom watercolora colorful and artistic mushroom watercolor 


encausticbeautiful mushroom encaustic painting with gorgeous detail and depth



If it’s oyster mushrooms or porcini or any little thing growing from the ground – there are more ways to enjoy than eating alone!