Happy New Year!  During the dreary days of January when the holiday decorations are down and the days are short, dark and cold, I find it an ideal time to spruce up our walls with their own “flecks of light” as the great painter Seurat put it.


The vast selection of original artwork available on the wonderful World Wide Web is truly amazing! I have purchased works from artists in Australia, China, Japan, Georgia (the country), Germany and my homeland, Canada.  This global list only continues to grow.


With excellent sites at the consumers’ disposal, buying and owning original art has never been more accessible.  SaatchiArtFinder and Etsy are three of my favorite online curators.


Below is the art I selected for a client. I wanted just a touch of turquoise and an oil painting. Those were my only stipulations.





She loved it. I purchased it. We waited for the art to arrive.





Framed and hung, it one of my favorite pieces.





Once again, beautiful art steps in to tie it all together.







As promised a little while back, here is a follow up post to the before & after kitchen transformation. With kitchen renovations complete, pantries remain oft-neglected catch-alls.  We were determined to change that.


Here is where we started:






The bifold doors hiding the usual unruly mess of a pantry with shelves too deep and too high are transformed into more counter space, five cabinets, two drawers and two open shelves.






A custom made butcher block topped table sits in front adding more room for work (or flowers).





In the end, we made turned an eyesore into a functional focal point.







With the days getting shorter and cooler, I find I value my indoor spaces even more at this time of year. Ovens and stoves, so often neglected in the warmer months, are once again turned on. Baking projects and more involved recipes take center stage on our countertops. All the more reason to love the kitchens in which we are working!


Below is a kitchen renovation. Here is where we started…




A dated look with minimal natural light.



Behold the dramatic transformation…






Gone is the dark mirror backsplash, oak cabinets and maroon countertops. In their place are creamy chevron subway tiles, granite countertops and professionally painted cabinets. A bigger window allows for more natural light. New appliances not only update the look of the kitchen but also make it a much more appealing place in which to cook. Finally, a new custom island and pendant light add valuable additional counter space and lighting.





Time to get cooking in the great indoors!

(Stay tuned for the pantry renovation in this kitchen.)







This home office was transformed from a dark and utilitarian hot mess (yes, I said it) to a bright and airy office worthy of the smart and successful woman who sits behind the desk.


Here’s a look at where we started:


Office Before 3

A cramped work space



Office Before 2

A messy storage closet



Office Before 1

Unsightly and disorganized office supplies




And here is where we ended:



Office After 1A transformed workspace with a built-in bookshelf under the window



Office After 3

A custom shelf for easy access to files and a customized art gallery



Office After 2

A closet turned into key additional space for printer, shredder and storage


Makeovers like this epitomize what I love most about what I do.