I come from a family of tissue users. My grandfather was never without a white hankie. My sisters and I share our dismay over being at houses where no tissues can be found.


If you are a fellow tissue user then you know the daily dilemma of unsightly tissue boxes.   I’ve climbed many a Target shelf trying to reach that one nicer looking box at the very back of the top shelf.


I do recommend the small upright tissues which take up less surface area and the covers that fit neatly and tightly around the box, rather than the ones that for some unknown reason are twice as big. But the horizontal tissue boxes are more cost effective so luckily there are nice cover options for both standard sizes. Here’s to the daily necessity of nose blowing without staring at an ugly box of tissues!




clockwise: hinoki tissue box cover; ceramic tissue display; tifton wood grain tissue box


*Top image: I found this in a store and my excitement burst forth. The sales ladies then became my friends as they were quite pleased with my exclamations of joy. I searched for it online but to no avail. Don’t worry, if you want one I’ll happily mail it to you myself!




Have you ever stood under a ceiling fan and pulled the cords, and the light turned off but not the fan, or the fan spun faster but you wanted the light off? It can be a little bit maddening – between struggling to reach, having your neck bent, and lights and fans not doing what they are supposed to do!


Often one cord is slightly shorter than the other, which is apparently supposed to tell you which one is which, but it’s hard to remember, and guests certainly won’t know. Sometimes there is a little icon on the pulls but in dim light and above your head, they are difficult to make out. But in five minutes or less – your light and ceiling fan will always turn on and off respectfully – just the way you want them too. It makes me want to say….



Pull chains with labels!



 crookedoakceramics; hairqueen48






Maybe you count your squares before tearing off, maybe you like your roll to hang overside or underside, but no matter the type of toilet paper user you are – you need somewhere to put that essential roll.


The ubiquitous toilet paper (think two posts) holder with the spring inside the bar that has two pieces is the pits. There are too many parts and too much fussing. I hope I’m not alone in having some of those parts go flying into the toilet bowl during an unsuccessful toilet paper change.  I like a simple toilet paper holder (think one post) – straight and easy. Here are some of my favorites…




Clockwise from top left:




Every room needs one! But the trash can shouldn’t be the worst looking item in the room. I tend to see trash cans that are either awful or boring. We throw things out multiple times a day and why shouldn’t that toss end in a good looking place? Our garbage cans and wastepaper baskets needn’t look like they should be taken out with the garbage. There are some handsome, fun, colorful, artistic ones out there, and it’s worth the extra effort and extra dollars to have your trash can’s status be elevated above the trash that’s inside it.













pail, woodencolorful, modernmoroccanbin, foliage, stylish


Be sure to think about size. A larger waste basket for rooms with lots of activity and a smaller one for tight spaces. I banged into the waste basket under my office desk for a year before finding the perfect trash can which was is only five inches wide. It was a happy day.