While it may seem that there is now a national day for just about everything (because, let’s face it, there is) today is one such day that I will celebrate with joy. It is National Ampersand Day! September 8 was purposely chosen as the date to bear this honor owing to the fact that several of the characters in “September 8” can actually be spelled using  ampersands. More about that and the history of this quirky little character here.


This day, however, is not merely reserved for graphic design geeks. My personal love for the ampersand continues.  The shape and the concept speak of beauty and possibility. How wonderful that the humble former last letter of the alphabet can embody such grand things!  Below are some ideas for how to bring the ampersand into your home.



premium wood ampersand

Loving this elegant wood ampersand


paperweight ampersandAmpersand as a functional and attractive paperweight



gold ampersand objet d'art

This sophisticated gold objet would be a stylish addition to any room










Being overly sensitive to my environment, I sometimes struggle in other spaces. Be it grocery stores or movie theaters or restaurants – the noise, the lights, the people. But all is not lost and I am not yet destined to be a total recluse as I am saved by my friends’ homes where comfort and beauty abound; where art is lined up on the walls, where lights shine in the right places, where chairs are soft and throw blankets are near. Recently, at my friend’s home, I took a few snapshots to try and capture the unique beauty she has created.



Seymour on table

 gorgeous botanicals on black with black mats:  a show stopper



Gallery Wall 2

 living room gallery wall with original artwork



Gallery wall

 another gallery wall in the hallway that is just perfect



Flowers and cake topper

 an office vignette capturing the personality and character of the home owners


What a privilege it is to call our spaces our own. What a joy to create beauty on our walls and in our rooms that make us feel happy and at home.


My early kitchen experiences did not include fresh herbs. The extent of my fresh herb encounters was the summer my friends and I spent hours in the back field picking chives and then attempted to sell sour cream and chive chip dip to our neighbors. Thanks to the food service, Blue Apron, I now find myself picking leaves off stems and chopping herbs on a regular basis! I have long loved their shapes and green colors and now am loving their tastes, textures and smells. How pretty they look as garnish on my plate of braised endives and how lovely they look hanging as art on the walls of our kitchens.

 herb drawing
herb drawing


basil on black
 basil on black 



herb watercolor
 a herbalist watercolor




IMG_0171mushroom coming in for landing



This photo is from the vast green lawn of Coolclogher House, where I stayed in Ireland in October. I love mushrooms and loved how this one looked like a little space ship coming down to earth. The little brown mushroom made me smile every time I saw it. How good it is that little things bring big joy. I wanted to spread more mushroom happiness with all the weird and wonderful and healthy mushrooms out there to be enjoyed!



mushroom chart

 a fun and educational vintage mushroom chart 
mushroom watercolora colorful and artistic mushroom watercolor 


encausticbeautiful mushroom encaustic painting with gorgeous detail and depth



If it’s oyster mushrooms or porcini or any little thing growing from the ground – there are more ways to enjoy than eating alone!