I love the work of the painter Ross Jones. Hailing from beautiful New Zealand, his work has been featured in galleries worldwide as well as publications such as the Wall St. Journal and Time Inc.  “My paintings are all about telling stories. They are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events. But like all good stories, not everything is as it seems,” says Jones of his work.  I am particularly enchanted by his use of vibrant colors and the way he takes a snapshot of a seemingly everyday moment and creates a piece that has both charm and depth.


Ross took a photo of a piece he was working on for a client of mine.



 It’s neat to see the painting in process in his studio.



Here is the piece finished, framed and hung in a client’s sunroom.



Here is another of his works framed and hung.
The blooming lilac: with vibrant colors and brilliant composition.



I cannot say enough:  great art makes life better!





I often wonder why I don’t remember most of what I learned in high school. And yet, I remember with clarity, the intensity and frequency of conversations I had with my friend Robin over the modern mystery of the ancient pyramids. Unless there has been a major breakthrough that I have missed, my understanding is that we still do not know exactly how the pyramids were built. Robin and I were shocked when we learned this.


Now, many years post-high school, life has thrown us greater mysteries.  Still, I will think about our impassioned dialogues regarding the fact that modern science hasn’t yet cracked the secret of the pyramids. In honor of high school friends and the mysteries of life, here are some pyramid-inspired home accessories.



There is a touch of ancient Egypt in the base of this sharp-looking lamp




The striped marble and wood make a handsome combo in this bookend.




Sleek and modern, I love the inverted pyramid in this table





This 9 piece brain teaser pyramid game is meant for one person.  I’m in!




A pyramid terrarium – perfect!



While their origins may remain elusive, their shape will continue to inspire us for centuries to come.













Contrary to what it may look like out your window today, it really is the first day of spring.  In truth, it felt decidedly spring-like for most of the “winter” season.  The fact that winter chose to wake us up and then give us one last gasp was almost inevitable.  No matter.  Here is some artwork to put us in the mood and celebrate the vernal equinox.



Although year-round staples here in Philly, spotting a Robin was a sure sign that Spring had arrived growing up in Canada.




This minimalist drawing of lily of the valley beautifully captures one of the earliest offerings of the forest floor.





I love the hopeful bright greens popping out amidst the muddy terrain in this aptly named
“Misty Spring Forest” oil painting


If there is still snow on the ground in your neck of the woods, or if the temperatures hardly inspire a walk in the woods, fret not!  Soon enough the signs of spring will show themselves.






While many of us in the United States have a holiday in honor of Presidents’ Day today, many in Canada have the day off in celebration of something quite different: family day. I love the idea of a day set apart for the importance of family, in all of the forms it may come.


Below are some old photographs of my family.  I have done posts previously on collage walls of family photos and memorabilia which are, in my opinion, some of the most special places in a home. Giving myself (and clients) the opportunity to reflect on happy memories by taking photographs off our devices and onto our walls is a task I treasure.


Here are three old favorites that capture the happiness of family, all of which are on my wall.


My sisters and I in a moment of windy beachside bliss



Taking a break while on a hike with close family friends



My father and his siblings in the family car


I like this quotation, whose author remains anonymous, about family:  “Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”  Happy Family Day.