There are few pieces as entrenched in the Canadian mystique as Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.  I grew up not only reading her resplendent novels but also watching the now iconic Kevin Sullivan films, which originally aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the 1980’s (did I just age myself?).  Many an after school hour was spent re-enacting scenes from the books and films.  I was amused to learn that a friend who grew up with these same Prince Edward Island stories has since named the plays of his basketball team after characters from the books.  Picture a group of 10 year old girls shouting “Rachel Lynd” on the basketball court.



I met the news that Netflix (in conjunction with the CBC) had commissioned the excellent screenwriter Moira Walley Beckett to adapt the books into a new series with more than a bit of hesitation.  After glowing reviews from esteemed publications and viewers alike, it seems that my fears can be put to rest.  Anne has arrived in strong form for a new generation.  The gauzy, romanticized lense through which older adaptations saw Green Gables has been replaced by a slightly harsher view of Anne’s world.



The way I see it, If there ever was a time where the world could use a good dose of Anne’s gumption, now is it.  Among its many strengths, the new Anne sees the redheaded orphan as a defiantly positive, intelligent and determined girl in a world where women had barely a place at the table.  Add the plight of being an orphan on top of those grim circumstances and the odds were certainly stacked against her.  Nowadays one might put it as:  “…and yet she persisted.”  Whatever version you prefer your Anne, here are some ideas on bringing this kindred spirit into your home.




A lovely watercolor, featuring one of Anne’s most inspiring quotations



A card from my collection of Anne quotations, lovingly made by a dear friend




A quote pack currently available on Etsy



Another piece of Anne art, this one available as a digital download



A photograph of Megan Follows as Anne,
framed for my friend’s baby and displayed with some cute shoes!



What a bosom friend this fictitious heroine has become to so many.  Happy binge watching!