A cherished photo from a trip out west in the late eighties. I carried it with me through many many moves and just had it framed. It’s little worn and frayed but all the more meaningful for the wonderful memories it represents. No matter what your style, framing the things that are important to you is one of the key aspects of creating a space that is uniquely yours.








I love the work of the painter Ross Jones. Hailing from beautiful New Zealand, his work has been featured in galleries worldwide as well as publications such as the Wall St. Journal and Time Inc.  “My paintings are all about telling stories. They are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events. But like all good stories, not everything is as it seems,” says Jones of his work.  I am particularly enchanted by his use of vibrant colors and the way he takes a snapshot of a seemingly everyday moment and creates a piece that has both charm and depth.


Ross took a photo of a piece he was working on for a client of mine.



 It’s neat to see the painting in process in his studio.



Here is the piece finished, framed and hung in a client’s sunroom.



Here is another of his works framed and hung.
The blooming lilac: with vibrant colors and brilliant composition.



I cannot say enough:  great art makes life better!






Happy New Year!  During the dreary days of January when the holiday decorations are down and the days are short, dark and cold, I find it an ideal time to spruce up our walls with their own “flecks of light” as the great painter Seurat put it.


The vast selection of original artwork available on the wonderful World Wide Web is truly amazing! I have purchased works from artists in Australia, China, Japan, Georgia (the country), Germany and my homeland, Canada.  This global list only continues to grow.


With excellent sites at the consumers’ disposal, buying and owning original art has never been more accessible.  SaatchiArtFinder and Etsy are three of my favorite online curators.


Below is the art I selected for a client. I wanted just a touch of turquoise and an oil painting. Those were my only stipulations.





She loved it. I purchased it. We waited for the art to arrive.





Framed and hung, it one of my favorite pieces.





Once again, beautiful art steps in to tie it all together.




I saw a sign the other day that said “buy art, buy happiness.” While we can’t buy happiness, per say, we most certainly are able to buy things that bring us happiness! In my work, I see art as being at the top of this list. Art fills our home with personality and color and character. You don’t have to pound the pavement to find art that you love – just visit It is fresh and colorful, bold and happy. Beyond the unique beauty of the prints, the prices are very affordable which leaves some room in the budget for framing. Here are two installations of art from Cozamia in client’s homes.



jackie cozamia

a modern graphic for a narrow hallway




 a colorful happy bouquet to great my client upon entering her home


There’s much, much more. It’s all wonderful and even has a very agreeable way of being just right in many different interior aesthetics and styles.