Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!


Today is Canada Day, the birthday of my country. “Canadian Confederation was the process by which the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) This year marks the 150th anniversary of that momentous day. (Lest we forget, the Indigenous peoples had been inhabiting this magnificent land centuries before the European settlers arrived).


When I think of Canada, I think of the herons and lakes and cross-country skiing; of cold water and huge maple trees. And I think of family. Here’s some personal photos that capture my love of country and family.



a favorite photo of my dad and my nieces – pretending to be asleep under the maple leaf blanket



My nephew ice fishing



Loons on the lake



Another loon on the lake


Happy Canada Day and cheers to the true north, strong and free!


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s a day of family and friends and a reminder to keep our hearts and our lives sprinkled with gratitude. I remember a Thanksgiving hymn that has the words “Now thank we all our God, with hearts and hands and voices”. I loved that line and the importance it placed on not just feeling gratitude but acting on gratitude; telling people we were thankful for them with both our words and our actions.


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and Thank You for being a reader of home, i love you!



thankful letterpress cards



thanks a million letterpress cards; gratitude print



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clockwise from top left: custom maple leaf photo portrait; maple leaf whiskey glass; original silver maple leaf botanical watercolor; autumn watercolor maple leaf


It’s Canada Day (and I’m actually in Canada!) Canada is celebrating it’s 147th birthday.


Canada is many things to many people and like many countries we have our symbols which represent the love we feel for our nation. The symbol on our flag is the maple leaf. Supposedly a leaf from the Red Maple, but looking more like a leaf from the Sugar Maple. I just read the following on Wikipedia:


“The number of points on the leaf has no significance: the number and arrangement of the points were chosen after wind tunnel tests showed the current design to be the least blurry of the various designs when tested under high wind conditions.”


That is some very good work! It makes me think of all the tests that I do to determine if products are right for clients. In stores, I have sat on toilet seats and laid on sofas and walked barefoot on carpets and rubbed pillows on my face. A wind tunnel test for flag design – I just love that!




I took the picture above the first year I left home in 1995. I was homesick and walking in the woods.  Looking down I saw the light reflecting off this maple leaf. That little leaf, laying on the wet and dark brown forest floor gave me great hope. I’ve kept the picture with me ever since, a reminder that if we open our eyes, we will always find beauty.


Happy Birthday Canada!