A cherished photo from a trip out west in the late eighties. I carried it with me through many many moves and just had it framed. It’s little worn and frayed but all the more meaningful for the wonderful memories it represents. No matter what your style, framing the things that are important to you is one of the key aspects of creating a space that is uniquely yours.









A client’s daughter loves to do puzzles, and you should see these puzzles! They are not your old-school scenic mountain puzzles, but amazing laser cut puzzles in the shapes of all types of animals and the colors of a rainforest. These puzzles require some serious attention and patience, and when finished they are works of art.




When I was little my family loved doing puzzles at the cottage every summer. We would do puzzles during breakfast, during lunch and on rainy afternoons. As each puzzle was done, it was promptly glued and nailed to the wall. The walls were basically wallpapered in puzzles. Eye level wall space was first used, then below, then we would haul in the outdoor ladder to nail them on the upper parts of the wall.




Now I know there is a more artful and sophisticated way to put our prized puzzles up on the wall – take them to a framer! We framed the animal puzzles on a solid white mat with a simple clean lined frame, and they look fun and modern!








The Instagram website says: “fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.” And that’s the truth. And it’s free! I’m usually very late to the party when it comes to technology but with Instagram it was different. I read about it in a magazine years ago and used it to take some pictures for a client and then recently Grace encouraged me to start an account (which you are welcome to follow).


At the heart of Instagram are the filters which take an ordinary picture and transform it with an air of mystery. Suddenly a simple tree looks like the magical fairy tree you wanted to live in as a child or the light on the lake looks like a host of angels are about to have a party. You can use it just to turn your phone photos into magical photos or you can follow photographers, organizations, stores or friends.


As a gift for a client, I took Instagram photos of little things she loved in her home and then framed them:




Some of my favorite Instagram photos below, most of which are nature shots or colors I see and love:














Skeleton keys are exquisite. They remind me of a different time. A time with less clutter and more essentials. A time when life might have been harder physically (all that clearing land and digging in the garden) but simpler (no crowds, no traffic, no honking). And most people only had one or two keys – carefully kept. The key to the family bible that kept the birth, marriage and death records of the family. The key to the large wooden chest with handmade linens brought from the old country and carefully folded garments.


They can be as tiny as your pinky finger or as large as your whole hand. They can have the most basic of curves or the most elaborate detail. Silver, iron, bronze, brass – every metal. Every shape and size. Each has a story, a purpose it served, a precious thing it kept safe. Our lives are full of keys and locks, sometimes it is helpful to step back and wonder what needs our most careful and intentional guarding. The people we love, the dreams we hold dear.



restoration hardware reprodiction keys, framed individually in shadow boxes



instant collection of replica copper skeleton keys on etsy


*Pictured at top are a selection of vintage skeleton keys that I collected over a period of time for a client. I then had them custom framed floating on linen in a mix of beautiful antique style frames, giving these once-functional miniature works of art a new life!